Exercise | April 8 2020

Isolation Exercises – Keeping You Moving

Updated 12th June 2020 These unprecedented times of restriction and isolation have brought you the moment you have all been waiting for ….  Matt and .

Exercise | March 10 2020

Swimming! The Ultimate Exercise!

Swimming is part of the sporting fabric of Australia. We are an island nation that has a rich history of water safety and competitive sporting .

Endurance Sports | January 21 2020

Cycling … Get On Ya Bike!

Cycling fever has hit Adelaide yet again! The roads and cafés are filled with people in lycra, with varying levels of fitness, and the city .

Endurance Sports | May 16 2019

Hamstrings Got You Hamstrung … ?

Hamstring injuries can be really debilitating. Whether you are running around a sporting field or just in the garden, hamstring pain is something you can .

Exercise | April 6 2018

Low Back Pain 101 – What Is This Pain & What Do I Do?

Low back pain is one of the most common and irritating conditions to deal with. Recent research suggests 1 in 4 Australian’s are currently dealing .

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