Pilates | August 7 2020

Managing Physical Activity

As health professionals it is easy to take some of our knowledge for granted. We might assume that the benefits of physical activity are well .

Pilates | May 20 2020

Hydrotherapy for Rehab

Hydrotherapy is a common form of exercise rehabilitation utilised by physiotherapists. Here at Mitcham Rehab we have a fantastic SwimEx pool at our disposal. The .

Pilates | April 9 2020

Surviving Isolation – What to Know & What to Leave

It seems so torturous that we have all this beautiful Autumnal weather and we aren’t allowed to go out and enjoy it all together. Combine .

Pilates | July 4 2019

Plantar Fasciitis – Learn to Put Your Foot Down … Without Pain!

Plantar fasciitis is one of the most annoying pains to get! At its worst sufferers’ shudder at the thought of putting their feet on the .

Pilates | March 28 2018

Pilates Rehab

Pilates, or pies and lattes? While one option may be more delicious, the other option is most likely better for you! Perhaps one or two .

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