Foot and lower limb injuries are common across all ages. Podiatry assessment and treatment can identify and alleviate the causes of many of these conditions.

Our podiatrist, Craig Douglass has over 20 years experience in treating all forms of foot and lower leg problems across all age groups. Craig has also worked with many sporting teams and individuals from casual to elite athletes.

The links between abnormal foot function, gait patterns and injury are well established. By working to make lower limb and foot function closer to optimal through a combination of footwear, orthoses and stretch/strength programs you can reduce injury rates and recovery times and improve sporting enjoyment.

With his extensive experience, Craig is well versed in treating common podiatry problems including heel pain/plantar fasciitis, metatarsal/ball of foot problems, Achilles/calf issues and knee pain.

Routine nail and skin care is an important part of foot health and this can be treated in-rooms painlessly as well as looking at ways to prevent reoccurrence of these problems. Commonly treated nail and skin care issues include ingrown toenails, corns and callus formation, warts/verrucae and fungal infections.

No referral is required to see Craig and there are rebates from health cover providers (if your cover includes podiatry). Please contact Mitcham Rehab Clinic to book an appointment to see Craig.

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