Having a focus on active treatment programs sees our practitioners using the rehabilitation gym at Mitcham Rehab Clinic and the world class gym facilities at Marion Sports Physio for injury management.



A consistent theme in the latest research evidence for treating nearly all health conditions is the effectiveness and importance of exercise. Having the capacity for the tissues of your body to withstand the activities you put it through is essential in rehabilitation. Utilising our gym facilities to increase your capacity to sit at work, ride on the weekend and achieve your exercise goals will help you recover from injury and eliminate injury risk factors for any future aches and pains.

With our facilities and the expertise of our staff, our patients can achieve any health and fitness goals under the guidance of our physiotherapists. Active exercise programs are used to aid recovery from injury and build strength, endurance and fitness.

The world class gym facilities at Marion Sports Physio enable us to take patients through high performance, end stage injury rehabilitation. This is an essential component of getting athletes back to competition safely and effectively.

Whether you are a weekend warrior or high performance athlete, our rehabilitation gym facilities can have you back performing at you best.

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