Our Strength and Stability Classes are ideal for people wanting to rehabilitate from injury, improve their mobility, strength and control of movement. Consistent participation in our classes can also maintain flexibility, improve posture and overall fitness.


Our Strength and Stability Classes are individually tailored to suit your needs. These programs are progressed gradually with an emphasis on correct technique to ensure effective and safe rehabilitation without pain or injury.

Initial Assessment

A one on one initial consultation is conducted before you begin any classes with us. This is essential in allowing our physiotherapists to assess your current condition and design a program that fits with your presenting condition and your goals for recovery.

This assessment can be a mix of in rooms assessment and teaching you the basic exercises to get you prepared for or classes. Follow up consultations may be required before you start classes. Your physiotherapist will discuss this at your initial consultation if it is required.

We currently offer two different class options;

Equipment Group Classes

Our equipment group classes utilise various pieces of equipment, including reformers and a trap table, to progress your individually tailored program. Equipment group classes are set to a maximum of 3 in each class and run for 60 minutes. We have multiple class times available.

Mat Based Classes

Mat based classes are set to a maximum of 6 per class and run for 60 minutes. These classes involve a combination of mobility and strength exercises to help get you moving better. Our timetable offers classes throughout the day and after hours sessions.

Individual Unsupervised Sessions

For those that are able, we also offer our equipment room for unsupervised use in 30 minute blocks. This is ideal for people who want to progress their individual rehabilitation programs outside of a group setting. This can be organised with your treating physiotherapist when they feel it is appropriate in your rehabilitation process.

For any further information about our Strength and Stability Classes or using our equipment room, please get in touch with our reception team.

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